About Us

Cooma North Preschool Association Inc is a community based preschool operating in the local community since 1952. Originally established by the Snowy Mountains Authority Women’s Auxiliary who worked incredibly hard to establish a preschool program for the children of the ‘snowy workers’. In November 1974 the Cooma North Preschool Association was formed from the Women’s Auxiliary Preschool Committee.

The Cooma North Preschool Association Inc is licensed by the Department of Education and Communities, and receives Funding from the Federal Government.

We hope that your association with us will be rewarding and also a successful introduction to school for your child.


The Cooma North Preschool is lead by our Director Narelle Avis who holds a Bachelor of Teaching (0-5 years).

We also have an excellent team of support workers and casual staff.

Kylie Hain is responsible for administration and fees. If you have any queries
about your fees, contact Kylie, who is usually in the office on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.


Cooma North Preschool Philosophy

Our aim is to create a secure environment in which children will develop a happy and positive attitude towards learning. We take a holistic approach to teaching and learning and believe that relationships are central to all experiences. We design environments that are responsive to the interests and abilities of each child.

At Cooma North Preschool we aim to enhance each child’s individuality and acknowledge that they are unique, and we recognise that their interests and backgrounds are an important contribution to the preschool and wider community.  We acknowledge that families have the biggest impact on their child’s learning and we support, respect and welcome the valuable contributions families make to our preschool.  We recognise that our preschool is part of a wider community and we respect the diversity and difference that impact on children’s experiences.

As a community, our preschool is committed to acknowledging Australia’s First Peoples, particularly the Ngarigo the traditional custodians of the land where our learning takes place. We value the children, the families, the educators, people and services that have formed part of this community since its establishment in 1952.  We recognise the culture that preceded our foundation and believe that we have a responsibility to maintain a sense of connection to the land and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture. As such we are dedicated to embracing reconciliation through empathy and understanding and fostering a sense of belonging for all peoples at Cooma North Preschool.

We value children as competent learners who learn best through active involvement with their environment. We believe in a play based learning style which supports children in making sense of their world through discovery and exploration as they engage with people and materials.

We will create opportunities for children to interact with materials, revisit experiences, express themselves and learn about their world.  We value the outdoor environment, our interdependence with all living things and promote knowledge, care and respect for our natural world. We aim to provide experiences for children to learn about environmental and sustainability issues, providing experiences that are both meaningful and relevant to the children and extending their learning experience.

We recognise that children learn through their relationships and interactions with others.  We aim to provide an environment that supports the well-being of children, families, staff and visitors. We encourage children to develop responsibility for their own health and wellbeing and promote good hygiene and sun safety practices.

We will provide an environment that caters for individual, group and additional needs, and fosters respect and inclusion. Children will be supported to participate in the Preschool program regardless of gender, culture or ability.

The staff endeavour to plan programs to support children in the 5 outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and the National Quality Framework (NQF) Standards.  The staff will use a variety of strategies and teaching techniques to encourage and maximise children’s potential, with the understanding that each child develops at their own pace.

Our program is guided by our Philosophy, the EYLF, the NQF and our own reflective practices,


Hours of Operation

The Pre School is licensed for 30 places and is open from 8:30am until 4.00pm, Monday to Friday.

The Pre School is only licensed to have children on the premises between these hours and it is essential that children are dropped off and picked up between these times.

We are opened for 40 weeks of the year, and run in line with all NSW Department of Education Public School terms.

The Pre School is CLOSED for all National public holidays.


Cooma North Preschool 2018 Management Committee

President – Pam Kimber

Vice President – Anna Caldwell
Secretary – Lee Riley
Treasurer – Alison Hempill
Fundraising – Vacant
Maintenance – Vacant
General Member – Angela Wilson
General Member – Sally Percy
General Member – Morgan Williams